Read Romans 15:7

Welcome one another seems an odd instruction for Paul to have to give. You’d think we’d all be eager to open our doors, arms and hearts to our Spiritual siblings and yet division is seemingly the greatest truth about the church of today. Think about it, we can’t even get along well enough in our own congregations to be welcoming to all we see on Sundays and Wednesdays. There are some we let in our homes and others we won’t even allow at our tables during Bible study. This is a sad state of affairs. Look back at verse 5. It’s apparent that Paul’s been in a few churches, enough to know that if we’re to accomplish this righteous open armed living we’re going to need endurance and encouragement through God’s own power. Perhaps herein lies the problem, too many of us are seeking harmony through our own strength, our own behaviors, words and actions. Won’t happen! It just can’t because we’re full of too much inner turmoil and strife to ever be harmonious and peaceful of our own accord. Add to that our inherent selfishness and it’s really not too hard to understand why the church as a whole, and the American church specifically, is in shambles. Let’s seek Him for the endurance and encouragement to live in harmony, welcoming one another for His glory!

Father, we’re too weak to act right. Give us strength and encouragement to be who You designed us to be. We need Your help. In Jesus’ Name we pray! Amen.

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