Credit is Evil

Read Romans 13:8

Owe no man anything…this word owe intrigued me in a world of debt and financing. It’s Strong’s 3784, ŏphĕilĕō, “to owe (pecuniarily); fig. to be under obligation (ought, must, should); morally to fail in duty.” That one word, pecuniarily means pertaining to money. So what I’m forced to see here is that we’re not to owe anyone money, to be under any obligation that initiates a should, ought, must emotion, or make promises we’ll fail to deliver in any way shape or form. As a woman who really wants to live like Christ intended, who truly wants to adhere to the whole of Scripture, I find myself in a tremendous dilemma. I really would like to buy a house. I mean, I got three kids and a 50+ year old husband, a bit o stability would be nice. This is not to mention the unpaid, exorbitant student loans, and the car payment. Seems to me that credit is evil, it puts us in a pecuniary, must situation and many of us fail at some point in that obligation. So what’s to be done about it? Well, the most obvious answer there is that if we’d truly return to Biblical standards then those with much wouldn’t have too much and those with little would have enough. We’d work together to make sure we were all debt free, owing only love in every relationship. Sadly, people are far too greedy and self-serving to sacrifice for the Body they so readily claim to be a part of. I hope that makes you question your own debt standing and the way you do or don’t support your Spiritual siblings.

Father, make us more like You. In Jesus’ Name we cry out. Amen!

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