Clean up our Acts

Read 2 Kings 23:21-25

The books of Kings, 1 & 2, have some tremendous story lines. Here (Ch. 22) we see Josiah become king of Judah at the ripe old age of 8. Yes, eight years old and he’s king! Talk about having to grow up too quickly. Yet, after 18 years in power he’s attained more wisdom than the kings before him or after him (v. 25).

How’s that? We might wonder. Well it’s pretty simple really, he reinstituted the practice of the Passover (v. 21) and got rid of all the evil practices (v.24). Unfortunately, we discover that all his cleaning up didn’t change the consequences (v. 26-27).

It’s amazing that people often think a return to faith, or a claiming of salvation will erase the cirrhosis in their previously alcoholic livers or heal the emotional torment of their children born out of wedlock. Sure, God can heal and change the course of consequences but He often doesn’t. Who then are we to be angry with when we suffer from sins long past. Evil takes its toll and so do bad choices. Oh that we’d at least have the wisdom to clean up our acts like Josiah.

Father, show us the dirty spots and help us clean them. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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