Christian Life Coaching

5495971912_e30676cd17_oI am taking a leap of faith here and offering my services to those of you who feel you could be, and do, so much more if you just had someone to talk to. I’m a Christian life coach, not a counselor. Let me get that out in the open immediately.

Though I am not a counselor, I am someone who wants to see you seek after God with your whole heart. And, sometimes that means understanding what’s actually in your heart. I understand the pain that hides in there and often hinders us from feeling God’s great love for us. And, I know sometimes it just takes someone asking the right questions to make us understand how to move in a more productive life direction.

Therefore, I will provide you with my ability to listen, question, and give Scriptural direction. I will pray with you and join you on your journey towards a closer walk with our Savior. Once you have determined where you are going and how to get there, I will bid you adieu to walk in the hands of the Savior as He intends.

My services are available in person or online. If you choose the online method then we will discuss how you would prefer to communicate.

Because this is an act of faith and service, I am going to trust God to move you when it comes to remuneration. I do not charge a set fee. I operate on the 1 Timothy 5:18 concept. I have been gifted 14560406490_fa2bb60308_owith a rather large ability to empathize, and I have read and studied the Scriptures for 9 years after returning to my own faith in 2008.

Let’s share our stories, let iron sharpen iron, and build one another up in love as we have been so called. You can contact me through Messenger or by email: I look forward to walking with you.




Jessica G. – I have known Ginny for a very long time. One particular time, we were on a trip with my family in Tennessee. I had become very distant from my family and was not making very good choices in my life. Very long story short, a long conversation later and with very obvious love Ginny told me something I will always embrace, “There is no place like The Garner’s.” That may not seem like a very inspiring statement to other people but to me it reminded me to appreciate my family. Since then I have made it a point to have more open communication with my parents, it seriously helped a process of mending on my part. Since then, just watching you live as an example to those around you and seeing the passion that you pursue everything that you do – you help others in more ways than just talking to them.

Cathy H.- < break’ thru> is described as: (1) an important discovery (2) result of gaining against set resistance. My first session with Ginny covered a sensitive issue for me that I have been “working on”, struggling with, praying about and crying about for 6 1/2 years. After really listening to me, and having the discernment and understanding to recognize the root of my issue, we had a discussion followed with prayer and I had a <break through> that still has my heart singing!! I had trust with Ginny as we had taught school together several years ago. But Ginny has a certain presence about her that makes her feel like an old friend the first time you meet. This lady has a God given gift for helping others see Truth and she gladly shares it. Don’t miss out on the help you need when it is so close by.