Chance Encounters

God never ceases to amaze me with chance encounters (though I img_9556don’t believe in chance even when it feels like that). Before opening up my shop today I stopped to see one of my most treasured friends (she knows who she is). I was discussing with her the level of stress I am under (and it’s pretty serious).

When I left her, I decided to take my youngest (a precocious, incessantly talkative three year old) to get his hair cut. We found the normal beauty salon rather full but since it is within walking distance from the shop, we decided to wait. An elderly man and his wife were waiting too.

file000487877504When the wife went back to get her hair done, Zeke, my three year old, began a conversation with the man. They carried on with one another for quite some time and somehow I got involved in the conversation. I really don’t recall how.

We told him that we had a shop in downtown and he began to ask questions. He asked about how long we’d been open and then said we must be doing well having been open this long. I admitted that we weren’t and he said, “God can open doors.” I told him that I knew He could.

The conversation got a little more serious. He asked me if I believed in laying hands on things and I told him I did. He proceeded to tell me to lay hands on the doors of the shop and ask God to open them. The quiet prodding he had done, gave him the ability to see the conversation I had recently had with my friend.

It was like God had whispered to this man, “She needs to know I amdscn2902 listening and I can do it.” He shared with me that in ’73 he had given his “whole-self” to the Lord. And that from January until August of that year, after he’d surrendered all and opened his own electrician business, nothing happened.

He said his wife came to him and said, “We need to have some money here.” So he got in his truck intending to pass his name out to some contractors. He was on Drane Field Rd heading toward Lakeland when God spoke to him.

“What are you doing?” God asked, and he said he told Him, “I need to get some work.” And God replied, “And you don’t think I can do it?” He said he turned the truck around and went home. Two days later the work started coming in.

302598cd09078e360735543c5de15b6f“He can open doors. He can do that for you with the shop and your writing,”  he told me. “And I’m gonna put you on the prayer list and keep praying. But you lay your hands on those doors.” He said.

So, when I got to the shop I did just that. I know God can open doors. I know He can do things I can’t even fathom. We spoke of mustard seed faith while we sat there waiting for beauticians. I’m not one to get all teary-eyed, but this man almost had me bawling in the salon.

Oh, Father, please, open these doors. Amen.


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