Bitter Tears

Read Luke 22:62

So many people are drawn to the verse that says Jesus wept (John 11:35) but I’m more connected to Peter’s bitter tears. I wonder, truly, if real life-changing, spirit-filled salvation can occur without those bitter tears. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that repentance only really happens when the magnitude and weight of our sin crushes us. Seems to me it’s that moment when we realize Jesus is looking at us, has been looking at us, through blood-streaked eyelashes while we’ve been sleeping with countless people, drinking till we can’t walk, lying our behinds off, denying Him in all our sinful passions and lusts. It’s at that moment we remember He’s wearing our thorny crown, cheeks dripping spittle we’ve earned, bearing our cross on a shredded back. Yes, when we get that picture, salvation knocks at our doors and if we allow repentance, true heart-breaking, agonizing shame and sorrow to flow, tears, bitter sobbing tears, are inevitable. Seems to me like anything short of that is a placating “sorry” and an ineffective prayer. If you haven’t wept bitterly over your sins, thoughts, words and deeds, you probably haven’t been redeemed. Jesus made a point of having the angel in the tomb ask for Peter’s presence when He arose. Bitter tears led Peter to complete dependence on the Savior. Have yours led you?

Father, I cry out from these pages, save the lost souls reading this ink! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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