Beginning of Wisdom

Read Proverbs 8:12

Before I go any deeper in this verse let me remind you that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10). If you haven’t started there then going further in that verse will be pointless for you. That said, I must go to the KJV to break this verse down a little bit. Wisdom permanently stays (7931) with discretion (6195) to acquire (4672) knowledge (1847) of (usually) evil plans (4209).

I find this breakdown quite interesting because it almost seems hidden in the translation I normally read, the ESV. Yet, when I read verse 13 it seems wholly accurate and contextually fitting. If the fear of the Lord is hating evil and the beginning of wisdom, it stands to reason that through that wisdom you’d be able to see the evil plans being laid out for you. Amazing!! Herein though I find great sadness for so many who claim faith are walking around as unwise and are therefore being tricked, tripped and ensnared by evil plans binding them to sin.

Oh, my King, what a burden for Your people weighs on me right now! I plead for them salve and anointing that eye may see and ear may hear. Teach them to fear You so they’ll be able to wisely avoid the enemy’s schemes. In Jesus’ Name I plea. Amen!

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