Avoid Him?

Read 1 Chronicles 22:19

David has ensured that the Lord’s house will be built with as much splendor as man can provide, knowing full well his desire to build it has been shot down. Now, preparing to meet eternity he wants to make certain that the people who will be leading alongside his son, Solomon, will do one very important thing: set their hearts and minds to seek God. In so doing, he anticipates that they’ll build His sanctuary, a place built for the “name of the Lord.”

I wonder, when reading this, how many of those leaders David addressed actually intentionally set mind and heart to seek God? I assume (forgive me) many of them were like us and therefore I’m tempted to believe that very few adhered to their earthly king’s command to seek the eternal King.

Then I’m forced to wonder, why we avoid Him? I know why I do, He’s going to ask me to do things I don’t want to do, love people who are regularly and absolutely heinous to me, humble myself and turn the other cheek, control my tongue, temper and appetite. Yep, there’s more but that list is big enough to make me wanna hide out, feign ignorance. What about you?

Father, I don’t really want to hide from You but I don’t really want to change either. Help me want to want You. In Jesus’ Name I reveal my wicked heart to You. Help, please? Amen.

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