Any Hope of Goodness

Read Romans 12:3

Nobody wants to deal with their own pride and tendencies toward selfishness. I wonder in fact how aware believers really are about their selfish and prideful behaviors. When I take the bigger slice of dessert I am instantly pricked in my Spirit about that selfishness. Sometimes I relent as I should, but usually I rationalize my behavior. This is of course a horrible thing to have to admit but I wonder how many other people are equally guilty? Here’s the thing, we all want to think we’re good people, which is a far more lofty assumption than any of us are entitled to; none of us are good. There are no good people. There are those who try to be but only the  blood of Christ gives us any hope of goodness. That said, we’ve all been given a measure (3358) of faith by which to live out this life. That “limited portion or degree,” of faith is what enables us to see ourselves soberly (4993) sōphrŏnĕō, “with a sane, sound, self-controlled, moderate,” mind. Yeah, so anytime you start thinking you’re doing pretty good Spiritually, you’re meeting your prayer life and Bible reading goals and volunteering plenty of time at church, take a step back from that too high thought. Truth be told, we owe the King every millisecond of our lives. Until your measure of faith leads you to that level of devotion, be mindful of how you see yourself.

Father, if we’re walking around in pride, knock us off our high horses, gently, please and clear our vision so we can see ourselves soberly. Thank You, Jesus, for enabling us to come before You. Amen.

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