An Acquired Taste

I’ve been referred to as an “acquired taste.” And, while initially that reference was a bit of an “ouch” for me, I do understand from whence it comes.

For you who do not know me, I can assure you that my physical appearance is often quite off-putting. I am fairly well covered in tattoos, with large gauge horseshoe earrings regularly dangling from my lobes. Add to that my short hair and propensity for dwelling in jeans and t-shirts, and I’m not exactly what you envision as a “teacher.” Especially not what is conjured up by the label “Bible study teacher.”

Of course, if you’re able to get past that level of physical presentation, I’m certain that my facial expressions and irreverent sarcasm will more than likely stop you in your tracks. As much as other women’s Bible study teachers have smiled at and spoken sweetly to you, my personage would initially appear polar opposite to those previous experiences.

In truth, there have probably been a great number of people in general and “Christian” women specifically who have found my attitude, demeanor, and attire offensive. Having felt thusly, they’ve avoided me.

Yet, there are some who decide that this difference in their expectations might have something to offer, might, surprisingly, be a refreshing deviation from the typical women’s study leadership. For them, I suspect, I become an acquired taste. The more they get to know me, the more smiles they receive, the more sweet conversation they are privy to.

In a world where some of the fakest people stand before you teaching the Word, acquired tastes, like me, might just be worth it. In fact, if we truly understand the Presence of Jesus, I suspect we’d have to admit that He was an acquired taste as He walked around, physically unremarkable, rebuking the methods and motives of the religious order.

And, when we surrender to Him we find that we must acquire the taste for living a “real” Christ-like life. At first it’s not very appealing. Surrendering all, dying to self, none of that sounds ideal or delightful. Yet, the more time we spend in His Word and His Presence, living as He lived, walking as He walked, the hunger for Him increases until we desire that and Him, wholly.

So, if Jesus was an acquired taste, I don’t mind so much being labeled that after all. I’d rather be real and offend some than fake and impact none. To Jesus be the glory in all things!

Photo Credits:

Featured Image: Evan Dvorkin

Tattooed Woman: Annie Spratt

Jesus Face: Scott Rodgerson


  1. I spoke with a Nun recently . She said that women that truly want to be Nuns are being turned away because of tats . I think that is so ignorant . We discussed how much these women could relate to some of the very people that need to trust someone for guidance .

    1. We are definitely in the midst of a hurting generation who’s longing to feel God’s love. Yet, so many of them feel it’s impossible due to the fact they don’t fit pseudo-Christian culture. I can add pseudo here, but they don’t realize it’s thus. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cheryl, thank you for that! Feel free to share any teaching opportunities you run across as I’ll be available this summer!

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