Already Done

Read Romans 8:31

Please take note of verse 30-39. Particularly though, pay attention to verse 30. Yes, people love to stand strong on the last part of 31, “who can be against us?” They adore the, “if God be for us…” aspect but here’s the thing, if. Those whom God is for according to verse 30 are those whom He’s already (notice the past tense version of the words) called, justified, glorified. I had to know then, what each of these three things meant, as they describe me and you (I hope). Called (2564) kalĕō is similar to 2753 which means, “to urge on, hail, incite by word, order.” Ultimately it means to call (probably aloud) directly or otherwise. I wonder have you heard His voice? Once called we’re justified (1344) dikaiŏō, and that is incredible, it means “to render (show or regard as) just or innocent.” Yep, the blood of Jesus truly does cleanse you of all unrighteousness before the King. You’ve been rendered innocent. And finally, glorified (1392) dŏxazō, “to render or esteem glorious.” Merriam says glorious is, “very beautiful or delightful, marked by great beauty or splendor.” I know there are people who preach the, we’re being justified concept but when I see past tense, as an English major, I think: already done. If you’ve been hailed by Christ, His blood has made you innocent and beautiful before God. Praise Him! Praise Him!

Father, we do not deserve the justification we’ve received on Your Son’s behalf but we are oh-so grateful for it. Thank You, thank You, thank You, Jesus! Amen!

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