A Sort of System

Read Zephaniah 3:17

This is prophetic. Zephaniah is proclaiming another time when Jerusalem will be filled with His people (v. 10) who speak a pure language (v. 9). This is a time when God will be in their midst and exult over them (us) with loud singing! Surely this is yet to come to fruition. Unfortunately, we most often only hear about the middle part of this verse. Why? Because once again, we’re inundated by feel good uses of His Word. We’re trying to gain comfort, and encouragement, and patting on the back reassurances. We’re not really trying to know God better, to seek Him that He might be glorified in our lives.

I heard Ravi Zacharias preaching recently and he said something that was so profound I actually texted a friend so as not to forget the statement. He said, “Their religion had become a sort of system. There was no heart or reality in it all.” Oh my friends, we must gain the heart and live in His reality, not in our happy, happy, joy, joy complacent religiosity. It’s time to get real for His glory.

Father, wrap us up in Your love, but open our eyes to Who You really are and why we’re here. In Jesus’ Name. Amen



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