A Deadly Poison

Read 1 Corinthians 4:7

Please take a moment and read 1-7. Take note that God will ultimately disclose the purposes of the heart (v. 5) and from those disclosures will come commendation if so deserving. Verse 6 reminds us that our lives, like Paul’s and Apollo’s should be examples that benefit our Spiritual siblings. Then we hit verse 7. I have to wonder if you’ve seen the differences in yourself as you move forward in this walk and if a sort of half smirk hasn’t crept up on you as you realize you’re turning into a fairly decent woman of God. I wonder if you’ve patted yourself on the back for the deeds you’ve done in secret, for the money you’ve added to the pastor pan beyond your tithes, for the chaplains and missionaries you’ve steadily prayed for. Has pride entered in amidst the fruit? Be wary, friend, it is a deadly poison that will rot and destroy even the choicest, purest of fruits. I know how easily thoughts creep in trying to get you to applaud yourself, or share your good deeds with others, but please understand what Paul was trying to convey here, the only good in you has been a gift from above and should be rightly accredited to the King. There’s nothing in your flesh that deserves boasting. Paul tells us if we’re to boast it should be because we know Jesus.

Oh, Father, open our eyes to You more, to give You credit for all appealing traits and talents. Help us to squash pride with Christ’s power. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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